New Stuffy Designs

I made a series of kitty dolls over a year and a half ago that I really love. They have movable legs and arms that swing like ballerina dancers doing amazing pirouttes. I really love them but they take a while to put together. So recently I thought I would try redesigning some simpler versions of the kitty dolls, and I love how they came out! Although their limbs don’t swing, they are still super sweet, with lots of cute drawn details, and are lovely for hugging.

I also drew a Mr. Cat, which is a totally new doll.

These two actually are not 100% done yet– they still have the stuffing hole open! I was too eager to take pictures of them and didn’t want to wait to photograph them until they were sewn up all the way. (They are printed via Spoonflower on Kona weight cotton.)

I also drew an angel stuffy last winter that I never finished. I finally got that and a coordinating angel done, too. These two are also not done yet– I need to finish stuffing them (their bases will be beans so they stand) and sew them closed. I love the backing fabric I used for them. It makes me think of mosaics from long ago.

The Archangel Michael is the red one and the Archangel Gabriel is the orange one (with his mouth open either singing or harking). I’ll let you know when I get them done and listed in my shop, in case you are interested.