End of Summer Motherhood Melancholy

It’s Labor Day weekend, which means school starts back up on Tuesday and the summer will have ended. Even if we still have warm weather, once that school schedule kicks back in, Fall is here. Time to put the shoes back on and get back to a routine.

The Middl’n starts eighth grade– eighth grade! He is so big and tall and manlike now. When I first met the Blonde Beastie (as I have always affectionately called him, and he does like this nickname), he had just barely turned seven and was in first grade.

Now he will be 13 this fall! I am not sure where the time has gone.

The Wee One is getting so big, too. I can’t believe my baby is three and a half at the end of September.

It feels like this verse I found on Pinterest fits on so many levels:

It’s not that I don’t love the Fall– I actually do and it is probably my favorite season (although I love the mystery and beauty of winter’s snow). I have been looking forward to Autumn and crisp air; red, orange, and yellow leaves; hot chocolate and fresh baked pumpkin bread; and apple picking. But this end of summer is tinged with a little bit of melancholy for me, which I think is definitely due to the children growing older. Next summer the Middl’n will no doubt be too big (in his own teenager mind, at least) for our usual fun. The Wee One will be getting ready for pre-K (shoot, now I am going to cry). And I know, I know, cycles and seasons and all of those things are good and natural parts of life and being a Mom. Whatever. That doesn’t make babies getting bigger any easier. I feel like I just have to figure out how to enjoy the moment– while being in the moment– and savor each one instead of letting myself get caught up in how quickly those moments fly by. If you have tips for how to do that, I would certainly listen.

I guess to end this post I want to share a couple parenting related things I came across that I love.

(Ugh, that one has a major grammar error. Try to overlook it and see the meaning.)

This last one is advice for parents themselves and for parents to give children. I love this one:

With that I wish you a happy September. Enjoy the rest of your weekend-

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