Yummy Things I have made this week

The weather was a little cooler this week (yay!) so I baked lots of yummy things! Last Sunday, the Wee One and I made super yummy chocolate chip cookies. They were soft and chewy and chocolatey and delicious. Look how yummy the batter looks! You can always tell something is going to be good if it has a creamy batter. Mmm.

We used this recipe:

from this book, which is one of my favorites:

I love this cookbook. I got it for a super bargain at Barnes & Noble or Borders a couple years ago and it is awesome. Definitely recommend!

(No, I don’t have pictures of the cookies done. Sorry. They were too delicious and we ate them before I could get the camera out. Yes, we really lack that much self control.)

Then Monday night we had breakfast for dinner. I love breakfast. LOVE breakfast, I should say. The Middl’n put in a special request for breakfast for dinner, which I was psyched about because I had pinned a bunch of good breakfast recipes and wanted to try them out. I made The Pioneer Woman’s baked french toast:

It was amazingly delicious. Everyone loved it, which with the range of picky tastes in my house is saying a lot. If you wanted something less sweet, just leave off the cinnamon crumble topping.

I also made waffle iron hash browns. Here is a picture of them from the website I got the directions from:

They were done so much later than everything else that I didn’t get a picture of them. They would have been delicious except I added way too much pepper. Oh well, at least I know it works to cook them in a waffle iron.

Wednesday night the Wee One wanted something yummy and special for dinner so I made Baked Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. Oh yes, another recipe that is a keeper! Talk about yummy. I used this recipe, except I used half white flour and half whole wheat and cut the sugar in half. For the topping, I skipped the glaze and also cut the brown sugar in the cinnamon swirl. They were still plenty sweet and yummy.


It was a win for new recipes week! Here is my little assistant chef, when we were baking cookies.

Isn’t he darling? If you have any recipe recommendations, especially ones good for making with kid assistant chefs, please share them in the comments! I’d love to try them.