Water Colored Leaves

The Wee One and I had lots of fun with this project! You use regular washable markers and color diffusing paper and then add water– that’s when the amazing color happens. We’re going to make more so we can hang some garlands up and decorate the windows with them, too. What we did is simple (but so beautiful!).


  • Washable markers
  • Color diffusing paper or coffee filters (we used leaf shaped ones I had purchased a while ago from Roylco)
  • Water and a brush or spray bottle with water

1) Gather your supplies and cover your work surface with an old plastic tablecloth. Trust me, you want to do this because all the marker will bleed through once it is wet. Then let your tot (or you! it’s a fun project, after all) start scribbling or coloring on the leaves. (If you are using coffee filters, you can cut them into shapes or just leave as circles.) You want some white space left visible (so don’t color the whole leaf). Once your paper gets wet, the colors are going to spread and subtly bleed into one another, which is why the white space is important.

2) Then add water! You can spritz your leaves with a water bottle or we used a sponge brush we dipped in water. The magic happens instantly! This project is a good way to introduce primary and secondary colors and making colors.

3) Let dry completely (when wet the paper is very easy to tear, so be careful). Then you can tape them up, magnet them to the fridge, hang them in a window, punch a hole in them and string them up for a banner, etc. This project is great because even wee ones can do every step. (It was really sunny out when I took these pictures, so they are a little washed out. The colors on the leaves are much more intense than this.)


I think they are just gorgeous! We are taking one to my great aunt today, since her birthday was yesterday (along with a bag and an apron I made, plus a lovely felt pin). I am sure she will like it!

Update: We used some of the leaves to make a garland for our front door!

Leaf Garland Leaf Garland

This project can be done with any season, too– blues and purples on snowflakes for the winter (you could cut snowflakes out of coffee filters), reds & pinks on heart shapes for Valentine’s day, pastels on flower shapes for the spring, etc.

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  2. Hello! Dropping in to say how lovely your Color Diffusing Paper Leaves look! We hope you had fun experimenting with them. 🙂 Check out our blog at LittleFingersBigArt.com and let us know if you try any of the crafts that we’ve featured there. We’d love to see what you come up with!

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