An egg is…

in this case, colorful! Last night my son and I read one of our favorites, An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston and illustrated by Sylvia Long. This book is so beautiful, with gorgeous pictures of a huge variety of eggs and lovely words and phrases describing eggs. Then today at the library we found this egg based counting book, Ten Little Eggs. G loved this book! The eggs are colored all sorts of bright colors, then decorated with fun patterns. It has raised eggs on each page, which decrease by one every page spread as another egg hatches into a bird.

All this talk of eggs meant we needed to do an egg craft! I had five wood eggs I had set aside to do something with, so after G said he wanted to do painting, I got out some brushes and acrylic and soy paints, and we set to work.

(That’s a left over paper plate from 4th of July we are using as a palette, in case you wondered.)

After they dried, we had a rainbow of eggs!

Originally we were going to add patterns to them, but the Wee One just wanted to play with them.

Quick, easy, and fun! And based off of a book, which I always love.

Do you have a favorite project based off of a book? If so, please share it!