“Reupholstering” Project #1

Look, my first reupholstering project! Okay, that might be a grand word for just recovering a bench cover, but it’s a start, right? We had this wicker basket/trunk thing that was just taking up space in the play room (which is a pretty small room and every inch counts). It used to house toys, but after weeding out a bunch of no longer treasured toys, it was empty. The backyard, however, is full of toys: shovels, buckets, trucks, etc. The trunk as it was was not outdoor suitable. But…

a coat of outdoor spray paint (thanks, sweetie!) and recovering the fabric seat/lid with a jazzy plastic tablecloth made it perfect for housing those strewn about toys!

The cat “helped” me.

Or at least in theory it would be perfect for that since I have yet to actually put the toys in the trunk. Oh well. I’d say I have good intentions, but you know what they say about those.