Farmer’s Market Display

This past week I had a booth at my local farmer’s market. It was the annual “Neighborhood Night Out,” so the market was looking for artists to participate. I was happy I was free that night! It was a great evening and I met some of the really lovely local Feathered Nest Studio supporters… such as the blog reader and local mom of three who had left me a Facebook comment earlier in the week that my blog inspires her! (Hi, Kate!) Talk about making my day! I still smile thinking about it.

Here are a few shots of my booth/table. Hope you have a good weekend!

I did some sets in berry baskets since it was the Farmer’s Market. Yeah, I am geeky like that. (And I made that double pie basket the foxes are in! No, it’s not a regular skill I have, but I took a workshop years ago with my mom and sisters.)

Felt gnome and mushroom sets in mini paint pails.

I am so happy with how my table display has evolved. Do you have a favorite display you have either seen or used?

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