Things besides sewing, baking, kids

Although it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, there really are other aspects to my life besides kids, sewing, and baking! (Although it might be okay if there weren’t since those things bring me such joy.) But in case you are interested, I also do other things like graphic design work and just finished up two websites for two very different clients.

Here’s screenshots of two of them, but you should click them to see the actual website, too:

For Rhythm of Life, I also designed a new logo, business card, and promotional print material.

Although she has the last name “Jones,” we aren’t related!

Both clients were great to work with, and I am really happy with the work I did for them (and they seem happy, too!).

I am also in the process of adding some new shop sets, blog headers, customizable logos, and other fun graphic design goodies to my graphic design Etsy shop. There’s just two things listed right now, but more to come soon!

Let me know what you think! But be nice. Oh, and if you would be willing, it would be great if you could like my Design page on Facebook!