Tuesday Love! Paper Stained Glass

I love stained glass. I’m one of those people who could plan a visit to a new city around buildings with gorgeous stained glass. In grad school I took a stained glass one day workshop at a local arts center. I made a lovely little ornament, which was a decent first attempt. Sadly my cat knocked it off of my studio table within a month or so of making it. Yeah, that was a bummer.

Anyway, the supplies, space, and concentration required for making stained glass don’t really fit my current life. But I am not one to be deterred, so instead of real stained glass, I am broadening my horizons and have fallen in love with paper “stained glass.” Affordable, easy, and child friendly, this type of craft is a much better fit for where I am at now. To show how gorgeous paper stained glass can be, here are a few examples I love. Enjoy!

These paper stained glass birds by lilla a are so sweet, lovely, and easy to make. They would be easy enough for me to do with the Tot and will look beautiful hung on our windows. Plus they are birds! I love birds, as you know. You could do any shape, too, and make seasonal ones, like leaves for fall; snowflakes, candles, or pine trees for winter; flowers for spring; suns for summer, etc.

Speaking of leaves for fall, this project by Turning Stone is made with wax paper, melted crayon shavings, and puffy paint. I have seen something similar done with hearts for Valentine’s Day and I keep meaning to make some of these. Maybe I finally will!

These two torn tissue paper windows make me think of Chagall or some contemporary stained glass artists I know of. The top one is by Filth Wizardry and the bottom by Dilly-Dali Art. I really love the bottom one, but that is because of the blues and greens. These two examples are actually glued to your window, so they are not for the timid. This is another project that would be easy to do with kids.

If you want other ideas, just search “paper stained glass” on Pinterest or Google. There’s lots out there to inspire you!