Fleece Hats… in August

The Middl’n is done with camp for the summer and there is still roughly a month before his school starts back up, so that means the Wee One and I have his company during the day! Today, the Middl’n decided he wanted to make a hat. Not a summer hat, no, that would be silly since it is the summer and all. Nope, we made crazy fleece hats. And when I say crazy, I mean crazy hats full of spunk and personality (just like the boys, so I guess this is very appropriate).

While the Wee One napped (for just the briefest of moments, it seemed), the Middl’n picked his fleece, drew a pattern, and cut out his pieces. He came up with the design himself, then I helped him sew it together.

Hat pieces cut out by Middl’n (and photograph taken by him). He used green and white polka dot fleece for the body of the hat, black fleece for cuff, and orange fleece for the ears.

The first ears he cut out were too small, so he decided to make them bigger. Here he is redrawing them larger.

And here he is being super silly. Isn’t he handsome? I had to face facts today that he is also taller than me now. Sigh.

Just as I was about to help him sew things together, the Wee One woke up… and since he had not slept long enough, he was very clingy and did not want to be put down, so I sewed with him on my lap for a bit. The Middl’n took this picture of us.

(I just got my hair cut this past weekend! It is very short, feels good, and I like it. I couldn’t take another 90+ degree day with my hair in my face.)

And here are the boys in their finished hats! Here is the Wee One in his kitty cat hat, complete with real orange kitty in the background:


And here is the Middl’n in his super crazy fun hat:

(And yes, I told him I was posting these pictures. He was totally okay with it. He actually did some crazier ones he told me to post, but in the interest of what he might regret later, I’ll save those ones.)

So yes, we made fleece hats in August. What ever it takes to keep children happy during summer break, right?  🙂 If you want to make your own super cute fleece hats, now or when it is more seasonally appropriate, I recommend this tutorial & pattern. Complete patterns for multiple sizes and styles, plus a video tutorial (besides the written tutorial).

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