Nature Time!

G and I headed out this morning, before it got too hot and humid, for another visit to our local nature center. We both love going there because it has a bunch of trails, many of which are really perfect for taking a tot along.



Plus there is a learning center building with exhibits, live turtles, an owl who was rescued, bees, and a big window area for watching birds at the bird feeder (although because of a bear they cannot put more birdseed in the feeders this season, so no birds). The Wee One adored sitting in this area and flipping through the bird guide books (so much so that we stopped at the library on the way home to check out some kid bird watching books).


There is also a fun artifact dig area, for lack of a better phrase, where you can use a giant magnifying glass to check out bones, rocks, plant material, etc. G loves this part.

We also were reminded of a craft we want to make. On display in the Center were some recycled object crafts, including these animals/characters from toilet paper tubes.

It was a great morning & early afternoon!