Yummy Food I Made

Wednesday it was in the 70’s which was fantastic because it meant I could bake. I dislike the summer because it means I can rarely turn the oven on, since it makes the house too hot. (There are also reasons why I like the summer, but that isn’t relevant to this post.) When I was at the previously mentioned Fantabulous Holly‘s house the other day, she had made mini poptarts. My sister makes these sometimes, too, and they are very yummy. Well, I had a sheet of puff pastry taking up freezer space, so I thought I would try something similar. Yum! The crust is light and flaky and goes great with the jam filling. If you want something more like regular PopTarts, stick with pie crust, though. Making them this way feels gourmet.

All I did was thaw the pastry dough, then cut it into kind-of equal rectangles. I didn’t measure them, just eyeballed them, hence the “kind-of” equal. Then I put a scoop of raspberry jam in the center, spread it a little bit but kept it from the edges, then added a rectangle of pastry on top. Seal the edges and crimp with a fork. Then bake 400 degrees for roughly 16-18 minutes. I also made some with nutella in the center, but those were eaten before any pictures could be taken. So tasty!

Then I made Zucchini Tots. I had just seen this recipe on Pinterest, which coincided nicely with my purchase of a zucchini from a farm stand that same day. They were easy to make, but make sure you really wring the moisture out of the shredded zucchini. They were also super, super yummy. I totally recommend making them. And I am not saying I did this, but if you happen to eat one cold from the fridge for breakfast the next day, they are still super yummy.

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  1. Mmmmm….those “pop tarts” were yummy…and messy. I don’t think I’ll get that drippiness off that t-shirt ever. I guess one should use a plate.:)

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