Happiness Complete!

Or at least the sewn version is. Yes, that’s right, I finished my Celebrating Happiness Sampler! I love it, too. It is so neat to have a visual reminder of some of the things that bring me joy. I’m going to frame it and hang it on the wall, rather than turn it into a pillow or quilt because if it got something spilled on it, I would be the opposite of happy. I used a combination of stitches, but mainly lots of satin stitch and chain stitch. Here is the whole thing, plus a few finished blocks you haven’t seen yet.

I am so happy with it! Now I have to figure out what to embroider next…

9 thoughts on “Happiness Complete!

  1. I love your idea of a Happy Sampler. I am trying to figure out how to transfer this to Silk Ribbon Embroidery, which is something I’ve taken an interest to lately. I like to enhance basic tee shirts using SRE. I can see a tee shirt (maybe a bright yellow one) with the hexagons. Once I finish planning it out and embroidering it, I will place it on my blog. So, thanks for sharing. Your sharing is inspiring others (like me).

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    • I totally agree, Alyssa! It is the only thing that seems to clear my brain and shut out the world lately. It is my go-to activity before bed, so I can push the worries of the day away. 🙂 The bonus is I end up with some lovely thing to keep or giveaway!

  3. You could always make one for your little one, of the things that make HIM happy, it would be a fun project, and something to hold onto for years to come!? Congrats on finishing, it looks GREAT!

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