A Beautiful Wednesday

So although the day started with way too little sleep, it has turned out marvelously! I began by making the world’s most amazing banana bread, here in referred to as the Fantabulous Holly’s Super Amazing Banana Bread. So what if it is technically Betty Crocker’s recipe? I got the recipe from the Fantabulous Holly yesterday when G and I were over for a play date with her little man. I asked for the recipe after my exceedingly finicky Wee One gobbled his piece of the bread down and asked for more. It is that good. Trust me.

While I made the bread, my Lovely One got ready for work, the Middl’n got ready for camp (with a break for some clay time– he’s working on a dragon), and the Wee One listened to a Skippyjon Jones book on CD. [Disclaimer, this little description makes us sound way more wholesome than we are. Often it is utter chaos, grumblies, and, sigh, cartoons on the tv.] After the story was done and everyone else was out and about with their day, G pulled out his clay boat he made yesterday, which was now dry. He declared it his “Diego Boat!!” and said he needed a Diego and Alicia for it. He is currently obsessed with the cartoon Go, Diego, Go! So I found some fun printables online and he was good to go.

Then we headed out front to check out our flowers, which are looking amazing! The Black Eyed Susans are exploding everywhere and add a gorgeous splash of color to our house– although their presence does signal summer is flying by.

And now it is time to get ready for Story Hour at the Library. (If you are interested, I can post the banana bread recipe later, I just don’t have time now.) I hope your midweek goes lovely.

PS: Last day to enter the giveaway!