Christmas in July!

Stumbles & Stitches: Christmas in July 2012I had wanted to do some Christmas projects this summer, and Stumbles & Stitches’ Christmas in July posts were just the push I needed! I started these felt stockings last… December. I didn’t finish them in time for last Christmas but now they are done! My favorite is the snowman, which I made to coordinate with the stocking I made for my son last Christmas (luckily I finished that one on time!). My son’s stocking is from the Fa La La Felt book. I liked the long, sophisticated look of the fox (? I can’t think what animal is on his stocking and I don’t want to go dig the Christmas box out to check! Who has the book handy and can tell me what the animal stocking is?), so I designed a complementary snowman. Here he is:

(Do you think I should do something with the top? A cuff? Pinking sheer edges? Leave as in? Input please!)

Then I thought I should make a Christmas tree. I had cut the pieces but done nothing else to it until this week. Then I machine stitched the tree and snow on, complete with some decorative stitches to represent snowdrifts, machine stitched the decorative “cuff,” and hand stitched the snowflakes falling.

These last two I had sewn the pieces on but never sewn the front and back of the stockings together, so I did that this week, too.

Not sure what my next Christmas related projects are, but there will be more!

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