New Fabric Samples

Last month Spoonflower had a special on swatches, since they are changing their color profile. Basically this means they changed something about their printing process so the colors on the screen more closely match what they print on the fabric. (In case you don’t know about Spoonflower, they are a fabric printing-on-demand company based in North Carolina. I use them for printing my original fabric and Stuffies.)  If you want to know more about them, click here. You can see my fabric here.

Anywho, I received some of my swatches and here are two of them! I tried out some new fabrics, like the silk:

Silk version A Large Botanical

Silk version A Large Botanical closeup

This print, called A Large Botanical, would make a gorgeous scarf on the silk. On the canvas or twill, it would make super fun outdoor cushions.

I also ordered the heavy cotton twill for the first time. This one is my Beatrice the Bird Cameo, named for one of my Great-Grandmothers.

Beatrice the Bird Cameo

Beatrice the Bird Cameo detail

 I am amazed at how heavy this fabric feels, like it would hold up to practically anything. I haven’t washed it (or the silk) yet, but I suspect it might soften a little with washing.

And one cutie thing… here is one of my new Stuffy designs. A special order client wanted a cute little raccoon, so I happily obliged:

Raccoon Stuffy Mini Version

I love being able to print my own fabric!