Homemade Goldfish Crackers & The Power of Handmade

Homemade goldfish crackersMy son, like most toddlers, loves goldfish crackers. So one day while browsing the time suck that is Pinterest, I saw a recipe for homemade goldfish crackers. I admit, at first I was like, “What crazy person makes their own goldfish crackers? Those things are tiny, and aren’t crackers hard to make?”  (No offense to the blogger who posted them.) Then I read the post and the recipe and I realized it didn’t sound hard at all, except I didn’t have a tiny fish cookie cutter. But then…

Last weekend we went to this nifty-roo store in Chatham, NY that sold all sorts of cookie cutters and they were inexpensive! They had a fish cookie cutter, too. This one is maybe an inch and a quarter long, which is bigger than store bought goldfish crackers but still small and a good size for toddler munching. So this week I made my own goldfish crackers. My son loves them! They use real cheddar cheese, mainly whole wheat flour, a little white flour, and onion powder. My son won’t normally eat cheese, so this felt like a real widening of his repertoire. They were simple to make, too. I love making things from scratch for my son to eat. It makes me feel self-sufficient, happy, and (this will sound weird) powerful. Not like in the “my head is all swollen and people bow down before me” powerful way, but in the “Ha, big corporations! I don’t need you!” kind of powerful. Making handmade, whether it is sewn or baked, gives me that very awesome feeling.

Homemade goldfish crackers

You know what this makes me, right? One of those “wacky bloggers” who makes her own goldfish crackers. I think that is perfectly fine with me.

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