Easy Peasy Doughnuts

I had bought biscuit dough to make some quick and easy pizzas for lunches, however, it has been too darn hot lately for me to want to turn the oven on at noontime! So instead I found a recipe to turn biscuits into cinnamon sugar donuts because I was willing to turn the oven on early in the day before it got too hot . These are absolutely not good for you, but they are really easy, fun for kids to help with, and taste amazing fresh from the oven.

All you do is take the dough out of the package then use a small cookie cutter to cut the center out. I had just bought this little starburst one last weekend at a super nifty “general store” in Chatham, NY. It worked perfectly! Then dip your “doughnut” in melted butter, drain off excess butter, and dip into cinnamon sugar (repeat with each biscuit and doughnut hole). Bake at 350 degrees F for 14-18 minutes. Then eat the crunchy, cinnamon sugar yumminess that comes out of your oven. Then try to refrain from eating a second doughnut. I was not successful with this.

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