Printmaking with Kids

Summer vacation started about two weeks ago, so that means G and I often have the company of the middl’n home with us! This week we did a printmaking project together. Middl’n, as I have mentioned before, is an amazing young artist and did a carved block called “Peace.” We’re going to frame a couple of these and they will decorate our house, plus the walls of the houses of people we love. Wee one did a foam printing (draw with a ballpoint pen on foam, ink it up, then transfer the image to paper). For his we printed on blank greeting cards we can now send out to people. Printmaking is great because you can alter it for any age range (from 3 to 12, in this case).

Here’s what the boys made, plus some of the process:

I’m sure we will have many, many more art projects to share this summer! What about you? Any special projects planned to do with your kids this summer?