Tuesday Love! PDF Embroidery Patterns

Wow, there are some amazing embroidery patterns out there! There is really something for everyone or every occasion. What I particularly love is that there are so many PDF patterns you can buy, thereby saving shipping costs or the waiting time for something to arrive in the mail. Whenever I have ordered a PDF pattern from someone, it arrives in my inbox within a couple hours, max (although they say it can take up to 24 hours).

Here are just a few of my favorites that I would love to stitch up, all by independent artists:

Although my own little guy is much younger than this book reader by September House, this embroidery pattern reminded me of him and his way of focusing so intently on books. I would love to make this or one of the other reading themed patterns in this set for his room.

This big wing back chair seems so inviting. I love how modern this pattern is, plus how creative one could be with it and stitch any pattern on the chair’s upholstery. Pattern by This Tiny Existence.

This pattern is a windy day, a cat, and a cute little boy. That’s the trifecta of things I love.

As you know, I adore a good sampler, and this one is happy themed, too! Perfect.

This pattern to make pretty craft shelves is also by This Tiny Existence. You could sew all the shelves together, as shown here, or separate the shelves and do multiple mini embroideries.

On top of these, there are a plethora of free PDF patterns you can get, too. Just google it!

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