Painting with Kool-Aid

Yesterday with the heat index it was over 100 degrees here. That is insane. I live in Upstate NY not the Southwest. As a result, we were confined inside with the fans on. This meant the painting with substances that stain furniture project that was supposed to happen outside had to be modified. We ended up working on the kitchen floor and what we did was paint with Kool-Aid on fabric. I pulled out the plain, unbleached muslin for this project and we picked up 4 colors of Kool-aid at the grocery store.

Aah, Kool-aid. You were a staple of my childhood, my go-to beverage. The Punch Pitcher Kool-Aid dude had quite the commercials. Now there is this wave of dyeing fibers and fabric with Kool-Aid. And I wanted to jump on and try it out!

Since I was stuck inside with the toddler, I didn’t want to do whole piece dyeing and dunking. Instead, we painted with it like watercolors. I mixed the Kool-aid packet with a cup of water and microwaved it for about 40 seconds (to make sure all the particles were dissolved) and then we just dipped our brushes in and painted away. It was fun, and since we were using Kool-aid, there was no pressure to make something “good.”

Here’s our Kool-aid adventure:

We’re going to turn our fabric paintings into something, just not sure what yet. Have any of you tried dyeing with Kool-aid?

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