Bird Nesting Ball

Last week, the little one and I made a bird nesting ball. I had seen the idea somewhere online but can’t remember exactly where (just did a quick google search and here is one example). It was fun, quick, and tied in nicely with the animal homes series G & I are doing.

To start, we read the bird nest pages from Animal Homes. This book is great, with lots of flaps to lift and great pictures.

Animal Homes

Then we got to work. I made a ball shape out of wire. Here it is in progress:

Then gather up those fabric scraps, fibers, ribbons, etc and  cut or tear them into small pieces. G liked this step.

Then begin loosely stuffing your scraps into the wire ball form. Don’t pack it too tight or the birds won’t be able to get the goodies out to add to their nest.

Then hang and watch the birds come “shop!”

Bird nesting ball

4 thoughts on “Bird Nesting Ball

  1. thank you for linking to our nesting orbs over on! we have loved making these for our yard and as gifts the past few years. such a sweet way to use up scraps (and dryer lint!) happy summer solstice!

  2. I love this idea! It would be so fun to see birds taking the nesting materials and flying off with them. Also it would be interesting to observe which of the fabrics the birds prefer, if any.

    • Thanks! We probably should have put this up earlier because most of the birds already have their nests made, but I am still hopeful a few will come and take some things away. I think I may go back out and cut a few of the larger strips into smaller pieces, too. (And I wonder if any will take that wild leopard print scrap someone gave me!)

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