Tuesday Love! Owls

Hedwig ornamentI adore owls. They are elegant and graceful and mysterious. In Greek mythology, they are associated with Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. In other myths and cultures the owl is a protector of souls, helping them move on to the underworld. I have several representations of owls in my studio, including a glass snowy owl ornament that one of my sisters gave me and this pewter version of Hedwig.

So, in tribute to the beautiful winged creatures, here are a few owl related things I love.

Owls by Helen Priem

These felted snowy owls (above) by Helen Priem had to be first because they are so gorgeous and lifelike. I would love one of these, if my budget ever allows for such a thing.

I think this paper sculpture owl by sculptor Anna Wili Highfield speaks to the majestic and powerful nature of owls. This piece is breathtaking, which is true of all of Highfield’s work (she is definitely one of my favorite contemporary sculptors).

 This owl bunting by Spunky Junky is very cute! She provides a full tutorial so you can make your own.


I love these simple to make but high impact owl themed cupcakes from Real Simple! I am going to make these as soon as I figure out an occasion they would be fitting for.

While we are talking edible owls, look at this sandwich from Little Food Junction!


And for a shameless plug, I don’t only like other people’s owls but I like making owls, too.

Hope you enjoyed this owl round-up!