Tuesday Love! Pretty Packages

There is nothing quite like receiving a beautifully wrapped package. Sometimes the presentation is so lovely, it doesn’t even matter what is inside. Maybe it is handstamped papers with bakers twine and an unusual tag. Or a beautiful collaged bag with lovely trimmings. It could be something teeny tiny wrapped up in a wide ribbon that is tied in a bow, wrappings and decoration in one. Whatever it is, beautifully presented packages always make me squeal with glee and anticipation. And I love creating beautiful wrappings for gifts I give or for purchases from my shop (I currently like to wrap purchases with matte gold tissue, tie with plain baker’s twine, then add a feather tag). Here are a few of my favorite packaging ideas:

I think the images speak for themselves, no commentary from me needed (although I do seem to be currently obsessed with brown paper)! Just click the photos for credit and source information.