Handprinted Fabric: Bird & Asterisk

I finally had a few minutes to carve two new blocks and print them onto fabric. I love birds, so I started with a sketch of a long legged bird I made the other day while waiting in the car for the middl’n to get out of school. I also have a (perhaps weird) fascination with/love of asterisks. So I drew up a funky one of those, too, and added it next to my bird.

I used black fabric paint to print the bird on natural, undyed linen. I did a test version on scrap first. After printing about two rows of the birds, I realized I wanted to add in a larger asterisk between the birds, so I carved a larger version of the asterisk. I stuck with black for printing that, too. I am very pleased with how this fat quarter turned out! I hope the recipient likes it, too.


I put my handprinted fabric in a muslin drawstring bag with a couple other handprinted goodies inside. I’ll ship it off the next time I am near the post office.

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