Kid Craft: Coasters


My little man has not been feeling good the last couple days. He has some painful teeth coming in that seem to be making him quite unhappy, which means he needs lots of distraction… which means we make lots of art (and watch a bunch of Charlie Brown cartoons with snuggle time). Last night we made some silly little coasters to finish up his Father’s Day present to Grandpa. My dad is a bit of a squirrel lover. He shares this characteristic with my son, making squirrel stamped disposable coasters the perfect present.

I have these cute woodland themed rubber stamps, and the squirrel and “Nuts for you” stamps were what we used for this project. We also used a new craft supply I’d never used before: crushed flocked velvet. A lovely fellow crafty mom friend of mine picked up this brand new package of the stuff for me at a yard sale for only 50 cents! (It still had the $16.95 brand new price sticker on it, too!)

Crushed Flocked Velvet

It comes in these cute little glass jars in ten colors. It is definitely different than glitter, which sprinkles so nicely. This stuff clumps and sticks together very easily, which if I had thought about it ahead of time, that should have dawned on me. G wasn’t too keen on how it stuck to his fingers like crazy. But all in all, it was fun to use and pretty easy to work with. Plus it is very pretty colors!

Here’s the world’s shortest photo tutorial:

After we made the set for my dad, I let G loose with the glue and flocked velvet and he made these:

abstract art

Oh, and my sister gave me the cardboard coasters we used, but you can get some here, as one example. Second oh: don’t let your child breathe the crushed flocked velvet in or sniff it. G thought it reminded him of cinnamon and wanted to smell it, which meant there was some quick “Aah no, don’t breathe it in! It will hurt your nose!” squawks from me. But maybe your kid doesn’t want to smell everything.