Zebra Projects and a Sewing Project (done!)

Little Pouch

Remember that pile of pouches I was working on a couple weeks ago? I’m starting to finish them, yea! Here is one I did (using fabric you may recognize). Some are for presents and some will be coming with me for the handmade market I am doing next weekend.

G is on a zebra kick. He made this cute 3-D zebra (like the lion I posted about before), that has its own little cardboard grass clump. He is currently in a phase involving using every color paint possible, can you tell?

3-D Zebra

Then he wanted to make a zebra painting.

Zebra painting from Usborne's Animal Fun book Zebra painting from Usborne's Animal Fun book

This one is still in progress. I suspect it will be a very abstract zebra, since he informed me while painting that he doesn’t want stripes, he wants to cover his paper. Just go with the flow, right?

Hope you’ve been having a good week, too! Our rainy week has ended up being quite the art week.

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