Handprinting Fabric

This week I received my “assignment” for the handprinted fabric swap I am participating in. I am very excited to get making, plus I “know” one of the people in my swap group… aka, I know her Etsy shop and love it, so that is super exciting! She is a super talented screenprinter. Go see for yourself here. This is my favorite by her:

My other swap mates have really great blogs, too, which I will link to over the next couple of weeks.

So in the handprinted fabric mode, G and I made some fabric today. First I thought I would work on my own while he napped, but since he woke up, this is as far as I got with the sketches I did last week:


Then I thought maybe I would make some fabric on the back deck while he played in the yard, but he wants to do whatever his mommy does, so we created together. But since he is such a little gem, we had much fun. I did some overprinting on fabric I had done the base on many months ago (100% organic cotton I potato printed with blue raindrop shapes) and he printed on some plain muslin and also some hand-dyed organic cotton I had prepared before. We both used a set of three patterned raindrop blocks I hand carved last summer. Here are our fabric printing adventures:


All good printmaking adventures are done barefoot, or at least that is what little man thinks.