Tuesday Love! Crowns

Perhaps it is my love of shiny things that I have yet to outgrow or my love of British royalty or my secret desire to be a Queen of Narnia, but whatever it is, I love crowns. Shiny bejeweled ones, warm felt ones, and earthy twig & flower ones are all lovely to me. And since it is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, crowns seem a fitting topic for this week’s “Tuesday Love!” post. So without further ado, here are three simply lovely DIY crowns.

I love the classic look of old royalty this felt crown by Small Things  implies. This is the crown I would wear as Queen of Narnia. Solid, classic, not ostentatious at all, with quiet beauty and dignity.

The Long Thread has this crown DIY. Made with fun patterned fabric and beads on top, this crown is perfect for play time. I can imagine my wee one wearing this for hours as he runs through the house conquering unknown lands and being a fair and gentle ruler of his feline subjects. (Or a not so gentle but highly enthusiastic ruler.)

This crown from Hello Bee is made for a party. Imagine 8 happy party-goers playing games and eating cake while wearing a rainbow assortment of these crowns. Too jolly!

There are lots of other crown DIYs out there, but these are three of my favorites.

I’ll leave you with this crown related image I found on Pinterest (by Positive Outlooks).

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