Fabric Swap– Done!

So I have been putting off cutting my charms (5 inch squares) for the Denyse Schmidt Charm Swap (I buy one yard, cut it into 56 5″ squares and mail it away; then get 56 other squares back). It was totally stressing me out that I would make some giant mistake and mess the whole thing up. I bought an extra quarter yard of fabric, just in case. I don’t know why it made me so nervous, especially since when I did it the end of last week it was so easy! I only made one a tiny bit too narrow, but the extra fabric meant I could just cut another.

fabric charms

I used this tutorial to cut the yardage into charms. It was great.

Unrelated, I have been obsessed with eating oranges lately. I’m going to confess: I ate three in one day this week. I must have a vitamin C shortage.

Mmm, oranges… yummy.