Summer Dreaming

Aaah, June 1st. Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and it feels like summer is unofficially here. Which means it is time to start planning summer food, summer activities, and summer fun!

First up, I signed up for the Happy Family Movement’s “Summer Bucket List” project. I found out about the Happy Family Movement a few months ago and requested some of their fabulous stickers (which they send you for free)! Their mission is something I can totally get behind:


Raising a happy, loving family is one of the most important things we will do in this lifetime.
Because we know that happy kids raised in joy-filled environments will change the world.
That’s why we believe in …
jumping on the bed;
pancakes for dinner;
laughing ‘til you cry;
loving unconditionally.
We believe in creating memorable experiences for our family and sharing that love with the world.
We believe happiness is not something you find. It’s something you make.
So go ahead… Cut loose. Live out loud. Love a lot!
The Happy Family Movement

Their summer bucket list is a way to make sure the summer doesn’t fly by without you– you and your family sit down and write down a few top must-do’s for the summer. It could be smell the ocean or ride a roller coaster or watch fireflies at twilight or eat fresh picked tomatoes. You pick, and don’t forget the small things (which in my experience usually make for the best memories anyway). The HFM suggests hanging your list up, like index cards on a string, so then you can see what you still need to do and can physically “cross one off” when you do it. I can’t wait for us to make our list. Once you sign up, they send you great resources to get you going.

Other summery things on my list include keeping up with the fairy garden (of course!), going through Rhythm of the Home‘s new summer edition, and trying some of these fruit and vegetable snack ideas from Simple Bites.

Plus I want to take lots of nature walks with G. Yesterday we went to the really lovely nature center near us and walked two of the trails. It was a gorgeous day and we had such fun walking in the sunshine, listening to the birds and frogs, and spotting various colored flowers. I’ll post more photos later, but here’s one I really love:

Look at those steps, the beckoning shade, and the lush greenness. It enticed us in!

What summer plans do you have?