Projects Done! Plus a finishing embroidery hoop art technique

Remember the dad themed felt wall art I was working on Sunday? I finished all four and just listed them in my shop. I think they are very sweet and will make any dad happy. But, you know, I made them so I am a little biased.

Dad wall art Dad wall art

Dad wall art Dad wall art

I wanted the backs to look lovely and finished, so luckily I had just come across this posting on Pinterest for finishing embroidery hoop art. It was super simple and looks great (I modified the technique in the link a little bit). I like this finishing technique so much better than any others I have tried before.

Back of embroidery hoop art

Trim the fabric to a circle a few inches bigger than the hoop.

Trim fabric to a circle with a few inches past the hoop

Then cut two felt circles the same size as your inner hoop and set them aside. Then pop your sewing back out of the hoop, put a thin line of glue along the outside edge of the inner hoop, put fabric back on (work quickly!), and re-tighten hoop. Flip over so backside is up. Pop in one of the felt circles. Then use a running stitch to sew along the edge of your extra fabric.Put one felt circle in back of piece, then do the running stitchWhen you get back to where you started, pull the string so the fabric gathers, then put a couple stitches to hold it in place.Running stitch doneThen just put a thin bead of glue along the edge of the other piece of felt and press it down to cover the gathered fabric. Then stitch around the felt circle to hold it to the gathered fabric. I added a tag with my shop address to the felt circle, before I glued and sewed it on.

Attach second felt circle

Back of embroidery hoop art

This is my new go-to method for making embroideries in hoops wall ready. Add a piece of twine or ribbon to the top and it is ready to hang!

Hang ready!