Painting Presents or Kid Art Inspired By Nature, round 2

My sisters and sister-in-law all have birthdays coming up, plus there’s Father’s Day and I wanted G to make something for my dad… so this means painting project! You might remember the cute pussy willow painting project we made with friends. This project is based off of that and is so easy to get beautiful results while having lots of fun. (And so you aunts out there don’t think I am ruining a surprise, you don’t know which one you are getting or even if you are receiving this particular painting project or a different toddler made project.)

Nature Paintings

For this project we used mini stretched canvases I had on hand, acrylic paint, and stamp pads.

Start by painting the canvas either one solid color, or if your child is like mine, a lovely blending of colors.

Paint backgrounds completely

Make sure your tot is happy. That is a key step.

Let the freshly painted background dry entirely. This is a good step because after painting several canvases, my little guy was ready for a sandbox break.

Let backgrounds dry

Once they are dry, grab a small tipped brush and a dark color paint. We used this dark magenta for the lime greenish ones and a dark purple for the others.

 Add branches

Have your tot paint a few lines on each canvas, starting at the bottom of the canvas and going up. These are your branches. Depending on your child’s ability and motor skills, you may need to add the little branches coming off of the big branches. Then let these dry. (AKA, wading pool break.)

Branches added

Then get ready for the fingerprint part! We used brown and black ink pads because it added some nice dimension. Just have tot put his finger in the ink pad then push the inked finger on the end of each mini branch. Voila! Lovely nature inspired art ready for your wall or for gift giving.

Frankly, I really, really love these so it is going to be hard to part with them!

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