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Fingerprinted Pussy Willow Painting

Fingerprinted Pussy Willow Painting detail

We had a super fun play date yesterday morning with friends of ours, and G and his little friend made cute paintings. This is G’s. First he used a brown magic marker to draw the lines (which are the pussy willow’s stalks). He did the long lines all by himself! I just added the short branches. Then using a washable ink pad, he pressed his finger in the ink then put fingerprint willow tips on the ends of the branches. The results are so darling! Plus these would make a great tie-in to a nature lesson.

After we got back home it was nap time. When G woke up he spent a lot of time playing with his treehouse. He wanted one of the treehouses I make, so that is a new addition to one of the levels of the wood treehouse. He quickly tried putting everything he could in there. It was very cute and a nice day.

Treehouse fun

 Treehouse fun

Treehouse fun

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