Fairy Garden update!

Our fairy garden is really coming along! Plants are thriving and looking beautiful and we’re adding little additions here and there. Sadly, the squirrels are also having fun with the garden and have eaten the Sweet Woodruff we planted, ripped up various plants from the ground, plus continually unsettle the houses and sparkly stones we have out there. Giant sigh– one point for squirrels,  zero for Jennet. We added some chicken wire enclosures to certain plants, in the hopes this will give them time to become bigger and more established so they stand a fighting chance against the furry nemeses (confession: I had to double check the dictionary to make sure that was the correct spelling for the plural of nemesis).

You can see one of the Sweet Woodruff (the white flowers) before the squirrels ate them.

Here are some more shots from around the garden:

I picked this mini trellis up to do something with in the garden, plus finally got a lamb’s ear plant!

If you have tried and true techniques for keeping squirrels out of your garden, please share them!