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Yesterday we had a lion themed morning. I am trying to work on a theme for each day, plus a set series of activities for each morning. Inspired by the Waldorf readings I have been doing, so far my idea is Breakfast, Art, Music & Movement, Quiet play (solo), snack and stories, Play (together), Walk/Play/Explore Outdoors, Lunch, Nap. For themes, I am roughly thinking Tuesday is Animal Day, Wednesday is Earth/Environment/Nature, Thursday is Fairy Tales, and Friday is Weather/Seasons. It isn’t going to be strictly “Waldorf” style but a merger of things that is best for G. Since yesterday was Tuesday, it was Animal Day and we focused on the lion.

After a rousing bit of roaring and moving like a lion to set the mood, G and I embarked on two different lion painting projects. Both were colorful, lots of fun, and a great success.

Project: 3-D Lion

Many (many) years ago, I bought these pop-out cardboard animals from a bookstore that was going out of business. They are plain white, the perfect blank canvas. After we talked about what colors lions really are, G picked to make his lion body a rainbow of colors.

Here are the supplies we worked with: non toxic acrylic paints, brushes, cardboard lion form.

First we painted the mane and tail all yellow. Then G went to town with the rainbow colors, making sure not to put a new color on top of a wet color (last time he did this he ended up with mud, which he was not happy with. When we started painting I reminded him of this and told him he can paint anyway he wants, but if he wanted all the colors to stay pretty true to form, he would want to put colors next to each other and not on top of each other. This is what he said he wanted to do.)

Here is the lion drying.

And here is the lion all popped out and put together! (Before we put him together, I traced each shape on cardstock so we can make more some other time. The body without a mane would make a cute polar bear.)

Mr. Lion had to explore the outdoors, of course.

Our next lion project was a painted landscape with peeking lion head. This is actually “mixed media” since the head is made from felt.

Project: Mixed Media Lion Landscape

Supplies: felt (tan, brown, dark grey), glue, scissors, paper, paint (non-toxic acrylic or watercolors), brushes, pencil

First I drew a horizon line with a few large and very basic bushes. G also wanted some grass blades, so I added some of those, too.

Then G painted each bush a different color of his choosing.

Then he picked a color for the grass blades.

And then he painted all of the rest of the grass yellow, but decided he also wanted to add in orange and red.

We watered down the acrylics to a wash consistency, then G painted the sky (turning the paper as necessary so it was easier for him to reach everything).

We let the landscape dry completely.

G also seized this time to strike a silly pose.

While the landscape was drying, we cut a lion’s head out of felt. G wanted it to look like the lion was peeking out from the purple bush, so we could only see his head since the lion’s body would still be behind the bush.

Out of copper felt, I cut a mane; out of light tan felt a head; and out of dark grey felt, a nose and two eyes.

G glued everything together.


Let this dry, then glue the lion’s head to your thoroughly dried landscape. Admire the beauty!

And you can use this project as a backdrop for the 3-D lion!

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  1. I love the step-by-step pictures of your process! His color use is fantastic and I love how he wanted the lion peaking out from behind the bush. The pics outside of G are great too, his striped shirt is so cute 🙂

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