Saturday Morning Fun

Had some no screens (aka no tv, no computer, etc) fun this morning with the wee one and the middl’n… Candyland! I do not recall playing the game as a little kid, so it was a new experience for me. G doesn’t exactly play by the rules (let’s say he is more free-form than that), but that was fine with us. It is, after all, only a game of Candyland. The three of us had lots of fun, even if the middl’n beat me by a mile! Ooh, those preteens and their Candyland skills!

Yesterday we played out in the yard because it was so beautiful. G found his monkey hat from when he was a baby and decided he wanted to wear that while he swept the yard with his new big broom (thanks, Aunt Alissa!). Here he is yesterday in his monkey hat:

And here he is in his monkey hat at roughly 6 months old:

This is the goofiest face! I think the flash surprised him. Oops. I have to post this one, too. He leaned forward and it looked like the sock monkey ate his head.

And wow, was he drooly in these pictures!