Tuesday Love!

Today’s Tuesday Love post merges with my Waldorf research… there is a bounty of gorgeous Waldorf rainbow-themed toys for kids out there, which totally connects with my love of gorgeous color. Plus my son loves rainbows and would love any of the things I’ve gathered here! Here are a few of the lovely things I have found recently that I simply adore (all made by independent shops, another thing I love):

Pretty Dreamer iron set

This lovely wood iron and rainbow clothespin set is by Pretty Dreamer on etsy. My son would just love to be able to “iron” along side me and pin things.

Nature's Toybox rainbow counting checkers

These luscious but muted rainbow colored checkers would be so fun for stacking or counting play or just for carrying around in little one’s hands. They come in a little bag for storage, too. Made by Nature’s Toybox.

Not only is this rainbow play wand beautiful and good for dancing and swirling, but it comes personalized with your child’s name! Kids love things that have their name on it… okay, so do I, but unless it is custom made, there aren’t any “Jennet” items out there. Made by Turnip Greens.

I love acorns. Like really love them. I don’t know if it is their compact size or enchanting shape or the fact that their tops make the best plates for little dolls, but acorns are wonderful and these rainbow felted ones by House of Moss are no exception. It would be so lovely to have a bowl filled with them on my dining room table.

Twinkle of My Eye makes these beautiful rainbow modelling beeswax sets. Each one is hand poured and contains no lanolin (which is great for me and my son, since we are both allergic to lanolin).  You can just tell how nice they would be to hold, as the warmth from your hands softens them gently, making them pliable and ready for shaping.

This is just a small sampling of some of the marvelous rainbow Waldorf toys out there, but can you see why I am in love? Beautiful colors, natural materials, and lots of chances for imaginative play.