Kid Project– Success!

Phew, I redeemed myself on the kid project front last night! We were inspired by this book by Usborne books and did several painting projects after dinner last night. Here’s my favorite:

Let tot go to town painting a piece of paper. Use whatever colors he/she wants. We used acrylic paint.

Let dry, then fold paper in half and draw one half of an elephant body on the fold line. In a spare corner, draw a wavy U shape for ears (since it is folded, you will end up with two ears). Cut out your elephant body and ears. Tape or glue an ear to each side of the elephant. Add a scrap of yarn to the inside back end of the elephant for a tail. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of these parts, but it is pretty self-explanatory.

G also made a spotted leopard. For this one I painted with light yellow a very basic leopard body.

Then let your tot pick a paint color for the spots. G picked purple.

Here is where you need to let go of the finished product and let your kid enjoy the process… perhaps enjoy it so much that the spots start to get really big

And then so big they take over the leopard…

He was very happy, which was all that mattered.

We also made some splotchy hippos.

It was a lovely way to spend our Friday evening!

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