Too Little Time and a Big Oops

This week has both flown by. I have tons of design work to do, which is good, but this week felt like there just wasn’t enough time to do everything, especially not my Feathered Nest Studio work. I finally took 20 minutes today to sew buttons and felt eyes on my foxes from Monday (felt ones mean they are little kid friendly). I now have four more foxes ready to sew together and stuff, then sew closed.

Button eyes

Remember how I said I bought the pillow insert for my gorgeous new Bending Pins pillow cover? Here it is on the couch without humans snuggling it:

And I put one of my large owl pillows on the other side of the couch:

I did have time to do a fail of a kid project. As soon as I started, I realized it was going to fail, but the tot was already psyched. In my too tired brain, I recalled a painting with colored ice cubes projects I saw on Pinterest. With that same brain, I thought they used food coloring to color the water for ice. Do you see where there is going? Well, G was super psyched to paint the sink with his colored star ice cubes so it was too late to turn back. I had him wear the only gloves I could find (his gardening gloves) to prevent him from dyeing himself red, green, blue, and purple. Except the ice cubes, of course, melted and bled through his gloves. At least I realized the error of what I was doing before I put him in the bathtub with the icecubes so he wouldn’t be colored head to toe. I guess I should have used watercolors? I’m not even sure.

Please tell me I am not the only one whose brain has momentarily stopped working and done some bad idea of a project with their kid? Anyone?

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