PB & J Waffles

So today for lunch for G & I, I made peanut butter waffles (they are supposed to be pb & j waffles, but the tot doesn’t like jelly so I left the jelly topping off). The recipe can be found here, although I used half white and half whole wheat flour. They involved a skill I have no experience with– whipping egg whites until soft peaks form. If a recipe calls for this (or for separating eggs in general), I tend to move on to something else. I was feeling brave, though, and stuck with it.

First you mix all the wet ingredients, including the peanut butter:

In a separate bowl, combine your dry ingredients. Then mix into the wet ingredients until just combined:

Then gently fold in those egg whites you whipped just until soft peaks formed (which I don’t think I did right), and bake in your waffle iron:

Then, eat (add jelly topping if using; I just sprinkled them with powdered sugar) and enjoy! (Or in the case of my very picky toddler, try a bite, decide they are not your regular waffles, and spit them out. Sigh.)

Luckily we have a preteen in our house who I think will like them, particularly with syrup or the jelly topping. I’m going to pop them in the freezer in stacks of two so we can take them out on school mornings and reheat them. They have a lovely 12 grams of protein per serving, so that will be a more filling option than the usual breakfast cereal.

I thought they tasted good, as an FYI.

4 thoughts on “PB & J Waffles

  1. Whipping egg whites is mostly a matter of speed of the mixer and time enough to get all those air bubbles incorporated. It wouldn’t change the flavor of your waffles, but it might make them a little fluffier. I think PB&J waffles sound yummy! (my youngun would have obejected when she was a toddler, though, too)

    • Thanks, Dina, it sounds like I didn’t whip them long enough. And I am glad to hear other younguns would have rejected them, too! I won’t take it personally. 🙂

  2. I have to say you are courageous. I would never whip egg whites…especially knowing the tot will spit out anything that isn’t the “usual.” I enjoy the leftovers though.:) Never mind that tween!

    • I would have to say the whipping of egg whites was a fail. I think I only made them foamy. Maybe if I had succeeded, he would have eaten them! Nah, probably not. There are lots of them left so you can help yourself. 🙂

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