Tuesday Love!

This Tuesday I am in love with free printables!! Okay, I am in love with those every day but today I am writing about it. There is such an abundance of unbelievably cool things on the internet that you can download for free, print, then use as decorations, invitations, play things, etc. Below are just a couple of my favorites (with links to where you can download your own), plus a Feathered Nest Studio brand new exclusive Free Printable! Enjoy!


This free printable by Made by Joel is an entire civilization! Paris, Sydney, a generic city, vehicles, and as my son would exclaim, “A HELICOPTER!!” What I love, besides the huge fun factor for kids, is that the design is so sophisticated looking and beautiful. His drawings are all black and white and crisp & clean. I love ’em!

Birds by Becca Kallem

I cannot begin to express how much I adore these stunning printable birds by Becca Kallem. There are twelve birds, each with a spot to punch a hole so you can put string through them and hang them. I strung mine all together and hung them like a bunting (the banner kind, not the bird kind. Ha, ha). G carries two of them around with him and went to sleep with them gripped in his little hands. They would be lovely as ornaments or gift tags, too.

picnic invites from eatdrinkchic

These Picnic Invitations by EatDrinkChic make me want to go have a picnic now, even though it is 9:30pm and dark out! I love that it is a tag and there is a gingham pocket envelope for the tag and the sweet flowers on the side of the tag and the font and… I am kind of obsessed with tags AND pockets so these really couldn’t be any more perfect.

Lastly for this post, but certainly not the last free fantabulous printable out there is this simply charming and delightful 5×7″ print called Happy Me Happy You by… yours truly! It is part of my rain and cloud series, like this one. Please download and print away, just don’t resell them. (Strictly personal use only.) I would recommend printing on either cardstock or photo glossy paper so it has a nice weight. Enjoy!