It is rainy and grey out this morning and is supposed to be that way all day. Although I love the rain and we certainly need it, I had hoped to be spending the morning outside in the garden. This statement surprises even me, as I have never, ever wanted to garden before. Ever. Now, though, I wake up thinking about what to do next and what maintenance the still newborn garden needs. It seems I have caught the gardening bug.

Sunday we did more prep work on the garden, bringing in more soil, chopping down trees, etc. Okay, the heavy duty work was done by the spouse, not me. But I did rake! A lot. Really. Then we planted more plants whose names I cannot spell, but I will check on that piece and get back to you. We also began doing a path into the garden. Here is the beginnings of one of the paths:

This is one example why marriage is a good thing. I was all in “ooh, cover the whole area with plants!” mode. Luckily, my better half suggested a path so we don’t trample all the plants when we have to get to the far side of the garden to weed, etc. Aah, right. Good idea!

Then yesterday morning, G and I seized the beautiful morning and I planted a crazy amount of plants. I was struck by a few things:

1) How simply lovely the morning light is in the back corner around the tree.

2) How time flies when I am gardening. I thought we had been outside for maybe 15 minutes but it had been about an hour when I looked at the clock.

3) How much G loves being outside and how happy I am that now I want to be outside as much as he does. He even ate his breakfast out on the deck, which he made me photograph. (Homemade heart shaped cinnamon vanilla waffles and sippy cup.)

4) How nice gardening and digging in the dirt is for clearing one’s brain and getting back to what matters. Gardening and sewing seem to have the same effect on my brain and overall feeling of wellness, like forms of meditation.