Baby Steps Towards A Fairy Garden!

baked brie with jam and puff pastry

Before I get into our Fairy Garden progress, I have to post this picture of one of the yummiest and easiest things I have ever baked. Baked Brie with Jam. In puff pastry. Good heavens, it is phenomenal. We had friends over Friday night for dinner, so I wanted to make something a little special and decided to give this a try. All you do is unwrap your puff pastry and lay it flat on a baking sheet. Place your brie (unwrapped but still in its edible rind) in the center. Pick any jam or preserves you want (I used Strawberry Champagne jam from Scotland. I like saying it is from Scotland. That makes it feel extra special, even though I bought it in the grocery store.). Put about a quarter cup of jam on top of the brie and spread it around. Then fold up the puff pastry so everything is all wrapped inside. Place it in a preheated 425 degree oven and bake for roughly 20 minutes. Then prepare to go way over your daily calorie limit as you eat every crumb– I mean, share it generously with your guests. Mmm…

And now for our progress on the Fairy Garden! Here is the “garden” with new soil put down:

fresh soil

Plants we purchased:

plants we bought

plant tag plant


Then we started planting!

gardening with Gabriel

Freshly planted

We went to three nurseries and none of them had moss or lamb’s ears (apparently it is too early for lamb’s ears so we’ll have to try again in a week or two). Luckily for us, our good and lovely friend John has an abundance of moss in his yard and let us come take some.

Here is moss in his yard:


Moss we transplanted from his yard, bagged and ready for travel to our house:

moss in bags

And moss freshly planted in our yard!

moss now in our garden

We need a lot more. But this was a good start for one day! Once all the plantings are done, then we get to start on buildings, bridges, fences, stairs, etc.

Fairy Garden So Far

The ceramic dish is going to become a pond, once it has been painted with moss and arranged with little pebbles around it.

I think we’re off to a good start, and I am enthused to keep going! (Which is saying a lot for a person who doesn’t usually garden because bugs or worms might accidentally touch me. I know, this is very lame but we all have our things. Bugs are mine. Shudder.)

Here is my little gardener surveying our progress:

Checking out our work

G spent a lot of time playing in the sandbox while I planted.

sandbox play

And here is his bootprint in the sand, which he insisted I photograph:

Sandy bootprint

And to end, random pretty pieces of John’s yard:

Random pretty flowers

Random pretty yard stuff

7 thoughts on “Baby Steps Towards A Fairy Garden!

  1. It looks great!!! Oh, you are really inspiring me….i have to get the vegetable garden figured out still though….

  2. I love this, Jennet! Can’t wait to see it grow and progress! It looks lovely and magical already.

    • Thanks so much, Jenny! You might change your mind because I can sense this project becoming an obsession… everyone might get bored with the numerous photos and posts I am no doubt going to do! We worked on it more this morning and except for when I almost had a heart attack when the world’s largest worm “attacked” me, it is going great.

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