Beginnings of a Fairy Folk Garden

The Magic Onion is officially accepting entries in the Fairy Garden 2012 contest! This is super exciting news. So far our Fairy Garden consists of this cleaned up corner back by our very large tree:Tree before

And lots of inspiration:

by Sally Smith, environmental artist

fairy house from onceuponacrafttime

fairy garden from Blueberry Cottage

Fairy tent

Stone furniture

fairy garden

Walnut boat

Plus some plant suggestions I found here.

• Wooly thyme
• Ornamental strawberries
• Irish moss
• Blue Star Creeper
• Cranesbill
• Rosemary
• Calendula
• Brass buttons
• Roses

I’m adding Lamb’s Ears to that list, too, because those are my all-time favorite little plant, and I think they would be delightful in a miniature garden. I confess, gardening has never been my thing (nor do I know what some of those plants on that list are!), but this feels like art mixed with gardening and I can totally get into that. My little one and middle one are excited for this project, not to mention me! I’ll post pictures as we go along so you can see the garden grow.

2 thoughts on “Beginnings of a Fairy Folk Garden

  1. Oh, those are inspiring photos! We purchased several wooden tiny (too small for birds) birdhouses at Michaels last month and had planned to paint them for fairies…I don’t think our fairy garden will quite live up to those photos though…what a fun idea! now, maybe i might be a bit more inspired though!! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your pictures as you go!

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