One of the things I studied as an undergrad was photography. My favorite photography courses were alternative photographic processes and classic black and white. I did a bunch of photojournalism projects (like one at a homeless shelter, inspired by the way my idol Dorothea Lange photographed) and projects that focused on the beauty and spirit of everyday objects.

selenium split toned

selenium split tonedwing with hand

Then graduate school hit and my photography was put on the back burner. Lately I have gotten back into photography, first with photographing my son. He is definitely my muse in almost all of my creative work. His excitement and energy and new way of seeing things inspires me immensely. So… I have decided I am going to photograph at least one thing I find beautiful every day. Not only will it get me back into photography, but it will help me see the world with fresh eyes again. And that will make me a better artist (and mom) in general.


tree branch