Quiet time

tulip and basil

We’ve had a good week with lots of quiet time, gorgeous weather, and have been able to be outside every day. It has been so nice watching G play in his sandbox, smell flowers, and enjoy little discoveries when we go on walks. The tulip above is from in front of our house. G wanted to pick one he saw in front of someone else’s house when we were walking, but I explained how that wasn’t the best idea. Instead we picked this one when we got home.

G has also been on a color kick, pointing out every color he sees, wanting to paint with lots of colors, and wanting to eat every color of the rainbow. Which is what lead to these pancakes we made on Wednesday.

rainbow pancakes

I always tell my little guy I love him with all my heart, and now he has started saying it back to me, which is beyond adorable (at least in my opinion). I had made these patchwork stuffed hearts a while ago, but I just gave him one today. He loves to squeeze it and carry it around in his little hand.

Patchwork hearts

cute toddler

In related news, I finished up the little hearts with embroidered words I posted about before. Their envelopes are done, plus I made these cards to go with them. They should be listed in my shop next week.

All my Heart felt heart

Felt envelope

Tomorrow is my sister’s bridal shower, so watch for a post soon about all the crafty goodness I made for that.

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  1. It’s official that picture of your little G is the cutest thing EVER. Just think when he’s 30 and you’re looking back on the picture, your shirt soaked with tears…toooooooo cute!!!! Love it!!!

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