Tuesday Love!

This week’s Tuesday Love! post is going to be devoted to my love of Pinterest. Way back before Pinterest was the rage, my sister invited me but I never joined because it seemed like one more thing to keep up on and I already had a tumblr blog, FB accounts for me personally and Feathered Nest Studio, and my website. When I finally saw the light and joined, I realized I was in love with Pinterest. I could keep track of all the projects, recipes, house inspiration, travel dreams, etc I love, all in one place that I could access from anywhere with internet capabilities.

So today’s post features just a couple of pins I adore, but check out my boards for more. And feed my addiction and leave me a comment after this post with a link to your Pinterest account so I can check out your boards!

From my “Quilts and Quilting” board:

 Fall Mini Quilt

I love keeping track of all the yummy foods and recipes I find, so here’s one from my “Recipes” board:

Buttermilk cake by Tartelette

From my “Sewing” board:

Baby hat

From my “Crafts with Kids” board:

Beeswax ornaments

I have lots more boards, with everything from free printables, to holiday ideas, to haircuts I love. Check ’em out when you get a chance!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Love!

  1. Whee! I love Pinterest. I follow you already, and you can follow me at @jennybartoy (if you don’t already? I forget)

    I hadn’t realized you had a whole other website and a bunch of fabric designs!!!! They are great!! Do you sell them on Spoonflower?

    • I do follow you and I love your pins! Very inspiring. 🙂 Yes, I have the other website mainly for my graphic design, fabric, and fine arts work. Thanks, I am glad you like my fabric! I do sell it on Spoonflower and also a limited bit in my shop.

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