Natural dyes

Book with natural dye recipes

As I mentioned in my post from the weekend, we used some natural dyes this year for our Easter eggs. I was super lucky and just got to enjoy the coloring process and not do any of the prep work (like the several hours of simmering ingredients), as my son’s godfather did all of that. I did provide the book with the info on naturally dyeing eggs, though. It’s the book Naturally Fun Parties for Kids. It is awesome. I want to do every party in there. Anywho, I gave previously mentioned godfather the book, he did the multiple hours of dye prep, and we showed up to enjoy the fruits of his labor and dye eggs. He even had samples of what each dye looked like on the eggs (although he let them sit in the dye for some really long time, like 10 hours or more? He’ll correct me if I’m wrong.) My favorites were the red cabbage and beets.  Although ours didn’t dye for as long as his, they still looked beautiful.

dyes in jars


 Naturally dyed eggs

We also ate super yummy tomato bisque soup and toast, after coloring the eggs.

This is John the Godfather Egg, made by John the Godfather human. Did I mention he is also a gifted artist? (Click here to see one of the eggs he made last year.)

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