Tuesday Love!


Skippyjon JonesIt’s the third week of Tuesday Love! Today’s post is devoted to my love of… children’s books! I admit, I never outgrew picture books. I appreciate the gorgeous illustrations and lovely stories. I have steadily, my whole life (even as a teen) bought or received as gifts picture books. If I could consistently draw characters from page to page, I would be a book illustrator (however, I usually don’t have the patience for this!). So, today’s post is a selection of a few of my favorite children’s books.

First up, any Skippyjon Jones book by Judy Schachner. Beautiful illustrations, loads of humor, Spanish words (real and imaginary), and song fill the pages of her books, making them fun for any age to read. For those of you who don’t know, Skippyjon is a Siamese cat who thinks he is a chihuahua, much to the dismay of Mama Junebug Jones (his mom). Mama Junebug calls him hystercial nicknames, like Mr. Fuzzy Pants. I discovered these books about five years ago and read them to my stepson, who loved them as much as I did.  Skippy has three sisters, too. (Hmm, I come from a family with three sisters and one brother and my last name is Jones… will have to remember to ask my brother if he thought he was a chihuahua growing up. Although we are not Siamese cats– or any form of cat, for that matter. And this is a very silly parenthetical.)

Usborne books Basically any book Usborne publishes is a hit in my book (no pun intended), but this set of four is great for teaching little ones about shapes, opposites, colors, and numbers. The books have a great rhythm and flow, not to mention adorable pictures. There’s Mrs. Mouse’s NumbersMr. Peacock’s OppositesMiss Dog’s Shapes, and Mr. Pig’s Colors (or at least I think it is a pig; I don’t have this one right in front of me at the moment). Each of the stories takes place at a different stall in an open air market, and you see the same characters appear in each book.

Beany and Scamp

I love Beany and Scamp. This one I had from childhood. It is about two friends (a squirrel and a bear) who are off for one last pre-winter adventure before the bear hibernates. The story and pictures are cute and it has a nice story about friends helping each other out. But truth be told, what I loved best about the book was that they live in trees. Like real living and dining rooms in trees. With comfy oversized chairs and a fireplace and table. I thought this was so unbelievably awesome. I, too, wanted a woodland house.

inside picture of book

I could go on and on, but I won’t for your sake. Here are two other books I love, including a new take on Little Bunny Foo-Foo.
Little Bunny Foo-Foo

The Best Mouse Cookie